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Welcome to SAQUAREMA!
      National Capital of Surfing

Located in the Lakes Region, also called The Sun Coast, Saquarema is known worldwide by its natural beauty, beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, fauna and flora typical of the Atlantic Forest and a pleasant subtropical climate all year
round. These characteristics make the city the perfect destination for practicing Ecotourism.


Hiking to the Red Lagoon

An trail of less than an hour's walk in preserved area of ​​the Sun Coast State Park in Saquarema.  The route takes us to a hyper saline lagoon with medicinal and therapeutic purposes and that houses the rare stromatolites.


A wildlife viewing tour with the experience of floating in hyper saline waters!



 Tour: from 4 to 5h \ Trail: 1h.

 Starting from R$ 40 \ person

Hiking the beaches surrounding the Saint Nazareth Church

An easy trail with some adventure points through the most visited attraction of the city of Saquarema, the Mother Church of Our Lady of Nazareth.


Discover the stories, curiosities and legends about the place and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, secret beaches and natural pools.


 Tour: from 3 to 4h \ Trail: 1h

 Starting from R$ 40 \ person.

Hiking to the Salt Fields and Crystal Bay

A circuit that walks 2 hours of trail inside the Sun Coast State Park, visiting the first salt field in the south of the country (“Salina Vigilante”), the big windmills, the enchanting salt fields and the Crystal Cove that together reveal scenarios and stories from the late 19th century.


Beautiful landscapes and unforgettable experiences await you on this tour!



 Tour: from 5 to 6h \ Trail: 2h.

 From R$ 40 \ person.

Hiking to the Sacristia Beach and Grotto

This tour takes you to a GeoPark where we find rocks that prove the theory of Pangea and the formation of the continents.  A secret point with natural pool, beach and grotto, plus a relaxing post-trail moment at a partner Spa Hotel, with infinity pool, whirlpool, gym, indoor restaurant and more.



 Tour: from 7 to 8h \ Trail: 1h.

 Starting from R$ 90 \ person

Off-road tour in the Mountain Range with hiking to the Roncador Waterfalls

A light trail, ideal for the whole family!  This tour takes you to the mountainous region of the city of Saquarema, where we find mountain climate, lush rainforest and refreshing waterfalls.


Visit the Roncador Mountain Range on board a 4x4 car, take a trail through the preserved Atlantic Forest and end up enjoying beautiful waterfalls.


 Tour: 4 to 5pm \ Trail: 1h

 Starting from R$ 50 / person

Birdwatching on the Sun Coast State Park Reserve

This tour aims at Bird Watching in the city of Saquarema.  Guided by trained professional ornithologist and environmental educator Igor Camacho (Canindé Birdwatching).


The diversity of environments make this a perfect destination to observe many species, especially the endemic and endangered Restinga Antwren (Formicivora littoralis).


 Tour: from 8h

 Starting from R$ 250 \ person

Bike Tour through the Environmental Protection Area of Massambaba to the Jacarepiá Lagoon

A nice tour for the whole family! A bike ride through the preserved Atlantic Forest of Massambaba, an area with a rich bird life and habitat of the golden lion tamarin.  At the end of the route we can enjoy the only fresh water lagoon in the region, Jacarepiá Lagoon.


 Tour: 4 to 5h

 Starting from R$ 40 \ person

Stand Up Paddle to the Cat Island Lookout Point


A special tour for those who like sports, nature and want to get to know Saquarema from other angles!

A 2-hour paddle through the Saquarema Lagoon, watching the sunset and visiting Cat Island, one of the few remaining mangrove swamps in the region.


Discover new places and stories with lots of fun!


 Tour: from 1:30h to 2h

 Starting from R$ 80 \ person

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