Sustainability Program in Events (World Surf League 2017)

Saquarema, in Rio de Janeiro, is considered by many the national capital of surfing. Stage of the Brazilian World Surf League (WSL) that was held from May 9 to 20, 2017, the beautiful beach of Itaúna, besides the radical waves, has the perfect environment to teach children about nature and the importance of sustainability. Therefore, a partnership between Jeep, the FCA Group, the sustainable tourism company BlueBirdsBr and the city of Saquarema brought together more than 1,000 children from the municipal school network, special children's organizations and private colleges during the WSL that became guardians by participating in the Jeep Sustainability Circuit.

Sustainability Program in Events (World Surf League 2018)

The idea is to train multipliers, "children with responsible attitude can yield good results to the community and the preservation of the planet", explains the director of BlueBirdsBR, Shantala Torres. In these occasional events that took place in 2017/2018 more than 500 native seeds have already been planted in the Itaúna Beach restinga (from Barrinha to Point) reforesting degraded areas by man, an amount of 1,500 returnable ecological cups were donated to minimize the negative impacts of disposable cups during the event and more than 1 tonne of garbage were removed from the beach in an efficient management with subsequent waste recycling through the ECOPOINTS VDP (Voluntary Delivery Point) in cooperation with responsible local waste pickers. To preserve is to make history!

Sustainable Workshops in Schools - (Casa Escola Corujinha 2018)

To learn by playing is always a joy !!

It was a morning full of smiles and activities to raise children's awareness of the conservation of an ecologically balanced environment and thus awaken the commitment and social responsibility of each one to keep it alive in the present and future generations!

Pedagogical Routes - Guardians of the Park (E. M. Vilatur 10 \ 2018)

A morning of joy and many discoveries in Saquarema !!

We took the Vilatur Municipal School to experience the Sun Coast State Park Reserve, walk in its restinga ecosystem, dive in the hypersaline waters of the Red Lagoon and meet the rare stromatolites. Raising awareness and transforming the children of the community surrounding the Reserve in GUARDIANS OF THE PARK!!

School Project - Environmental Education - Guardians of the Park - Pedagogical Routes in Saquarema.

Pedagogical Routes - Guardians of the Park(CIEP Astrogildo Pereira 258  11\2018)

A day of hiking and experiencesin the Sun Coast State Park in Saquarema with CIEP Astrogildo Pereira 258. The students got familiarized with the Atlantic Forest Biome, endemic and endangered fauna and flora, the Red Lagoon, the Geo Park and its secrets. ..

Get to know to Preserve. GUARDIANS OF THE PARK!!

.School Project - Environmental Education - Guardians of the Park - Pedagogical Routes in Saquarema.


Sustainable Events - Environment Week (06 \ 2017)

In Saquarema, the Environment is not celebrated in just one day. Here, this special date is an environmental education tool for a week !! THE ENVIRONMENTAL WEEK - ART AND SUSTAINABILITY involved more than 1,000 children from the municipal education network, municipal nursery and special children's home (LACES) in the care and conservation of "our house", the Atlantic Forest biome and its fauna and flora, through artistic, playful and pedagogical activities. BlueBirdsBR organized with great love a more than special schedule to work on the environmental perception of those involved through the planting of 200 native seedlings around the School E.M. Orgé Ferreira dos Santos, Lectures and Workshops, Micro-Garbage Collection at Itaúna Beach and Ecological Walks open to the Public through Conservation Units in the Municipality. "Thinking about the future is acting now." - Class 801 of E. M. Orgé Ferreira dos Santos.

Sustainable Events - Clean Up The World Saquarema (15 \ 09 \ 2018)

People crazy enough to believe that they can change the world, are the ones that change it! This event is a voluntary action that occurs simultaneously in several cities of the world and aims to draw the attention of the global community to the need to care for the environment! . In Saquarema, BlueBirdsBR teamed up with Marques Sup, LifeGuardKids and Mitra Academy to mobilize volunteers to clean the Saquarema Lagoon. Human beings engaged and committed to a better world !! We took about 200kg of material from the Lagoon, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, slippers, disposable cups, electric wires, fireworks, cans, glass bottles, wood oars and much more. All the trash collected was donated to the local waste collector Mr. Bil for further recycling!! Act locally, think globally!!


Planting of native seedlings on Cat Island - Earth Day (22 \ 04 \ 2015)

To celebrate this special day, the day of our Planet Earth, BlueBirdsBR realized in partnership with the City of Saquarema through the Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, Colony of Fishermen, VAA Hawaian Canoe, Barrinha SUP and Space Ro de Castro a beautiful Stand Up Paddle Tour, Hawaiian Canoe and Kayaking through Saquarema Lagoon to Cat Island, in order to raise awareness of all invited about the importance of that small Island surrounded by mangrove vegetation in the middle of the Lagoon. We took with us biodegradable bags for garbage collection and native mangrove seedlings for a participatory planting, in addition to a talk and a lecture with Biologists and Environmentalists. The event was a success!!! We planted more than 30 seedlings to reforest the degraded area that has been suffering from erosion and collected more than 200 kg of waste thoughout the Lagoon. Happy Earth Day!!

Conscious Bike Tour for the benefit of PESTALOZZI (09 \ 09 \ 2015)

BlueBirdsBR participated in the 5 * Ecological Embrace to the Jacarepiá Lagoon, held by the Friends Association of the Jacarepiá Lagoon (AMILA). In order to collaborate with the event, we organized a guided bike ride by an Inea \ PECS-accredited environmental guide inside the State Ecological Reserve of Jacarepiá in a light course of 8 km of pedaling, which ended upat the Jacarepiá Lagoon. We collected 17 kg of non-perishable food for donation to PESTALOZZI of Saquarema. In the place we had a talk on the lagoon and a symbolic hug. A partnership of BlueBirdsBR, PECS and AMILA. Together we can do so much!! Perfect bike tour for the whole family !! :) A special tour in total harmony with nature!

Conscious Bike Tour for the benefit of ORPHANAGE (12 \ 10 \ 2016)

On children's day, nothing better than being with friends and enjoying good times together doing good! Our bike tour was very special, the Ecological Reserve of Jacarepiá is a true ecological sanctuary within the Sun Coast State Park. Nature has privileged us with a rarity, a freshwater lagoon next to the sea! It is important to know it so we can preserveit !!We collected about 20 kg of food to donate to the "AbrigoRaio de Sol" Orphanage in Vilatur. Gratitude to all for this union. Happy Children's Day!!

Participative Arborization - Tree Day (24 \ 09 \ 2016)

For the celebration of a day as special as the day of the tree, we created an event in partnership with the Projec “Quintal de Casa”, ASES, Ro de Castro Space and friends. Nothing better than friends gathered for nature, isn’t  it? !!! We had a small talk about the micro-garbage and its consequences for the marine fauna, followed by a conscious collection in the sands of the Point in Itaúna Beach, in Saquarema. We took from the beach about 30 kilos of garbage, between pieces of plastic, caps, cotonet sticks, syringes, straws, and others. We also had a participatory planting in the areas ascending to the Point. We planted 20 native saplings, among them “Aroeira, Pitanga and Clusia”. The event was wonderful! The participation of each one was special! Congratulations to all for awakening for a better world.

Manifest for the Preservation of the PECS (08 \ 04 \ 2018)

On the morning of April 8, 2018, surfers, environmentalists, businessmen, technicians, university students and residents of the city of Saquarema mobilized for a single cause: The Protection of the Sun Coast State Park Anita Mureb (PECS). Our Natural Patrimony protected by a Conservation Unit in Saquarema has been suffering serious threats. Two deputies (Marcos Abraao and Resenverg Reis) filed applications for expropriation for allotment of these areas. It would be an immeasurable loss to the quality of life, the ecological balance and the development of sustainable tourism in the city. The whole community gave your message: PECS, NO AREA REMOVED! The manifest had Bird Watching (BIRDWATCHING) by the ornithologist Igor Camacho, a talk on the "Stromatolites and the GeoPark" with Prof. Cainho and Prof. CatiaBarbosa from UFF and UFRJ, Confraternizationwith snacks at Pousada do Quati and 120 kg of food was collected to donate to the Orphanage.

Hiking at ARIE (06 \ 2018)

Hike to raise awareness and community engagement in favor of Environmental Conservation of Protected Areas (PAs) in Saquarema.

Interpretive trail in the AREI (Conservation Unit - Area of Relevant Ecological Interest) ofJaconé, with ornithologist, botanist, environmental guards and guide accredited by Inea. The reception at AREI was exciting, with the song of the Formiguevoralittoralis, an endemic bird threatened with extinction by the destruction of its natural habitat, the restingas, and that in this small Conservation Unit still preserved, we can find protected individuals . During the trail many flowers, trees, climbing plants, colors and birds singing! After the trail, a visit to the Museum of General Knowledge for a morning of autographs of the book "Plants of the Restinga ofJaconé" by author Carlos Ferreira. Finishing with a delicious "brunch" and a "networking" of those involved!

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