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Tour description

The bike tour starts at the Lakes Shopping and will be guided by an environmental guide, we will cross Saquarema Lagoon in a beautiful setting, passing between trees and mangroves, a local natural fish nursery. After 8 km of pedaling, we will arrive at the Archaeological Site of “Sambaqui da Beirada”, a shell mound square. Saquarema’s coastline has an important archaeological richness representative of human populations that have occupied the region for millennia. The “sambaquis” are ancient places of temporary housing of prehistoric communities that lived of fishing, collection and hunting.


In Sambaqui da Beirada, registered in 1995, is the first outdoor archaeological exhibition of a Sambaqui in Brazil. It houses three skeletons of the “sambaquieiros”, objects of stone, artifacts for fishing and hunting, old bonfires and peculiar rituals. The place is surrounded by a dense vegetation of sandbanks (resting), represented by the mosaic layout, whose local landscape is dazzling not only by the phytophysiognomy but also by the floristic composition, with species of food, medicinal and economic value. The Sambaqui da Beirada was discovered by fisherman ManoelVencesláu, known as Jucá and researched in 1987 by archaeologist LinaKneip and team. Dating back to 4,520 years BC, the Sambaqui - a word of indigenous origin (Tupi) that meanstambá (shell) and ki (heaped) - constitutes the oldest human occupation of Saquarema.

The primitive inhabitants of the region lived in familiar groups and made weapons, adornments and instruments with stones, bones, animal teeth, shells of molluscs and other materials. They were strong and robust individuals, appearing strong dental wear, but almost absence of caries due to diet-based seafood. Their traditions, eating habits, funerary practices and artistic manifestations identified from the excavations are important pieces in the study of ancient peoples.

Come enjoy beautiful landscapes, discover the ancient secrets of the city and experience Saquarema!


NOTE: Individual tours or groups above the maximum established, only upon request.

What to bring





Dress in light and comfortable clothing

Comfortableshoes for biking

Important information

- We work with mandatory prior scheduling.

- Non-attendance without prior notice implies the loss of the tour or activity.

- The tour or activity is subject to change due to weather conditions or any other reason deemed necessary by the instructor/conductor.

- This tour is not recommended for people with health problems.

- Do not drink alcohol or drugs before the tour.

- Minors only accompanied by their parents.

- BlueBirdsBR aims to minimize the environmental impacts generated by the tours and activities. We ask for your cooperation so that there is no aggression to the environment. Bring your garbage bag!

- All the safety procedures indicated by the professional must be strictly followed.

- To participate on the tour is necessary to download, print and sign the Mandatory Term below.

Mandatory Term

To participate on the tour you need to print this term, sign it and bring it with you on the day of the tour or chosen activity.

Click here to download. Questions on how to complete?

Please contact us directly via email: phones available in the footer.

Policy for children

Children 0 to 5 years old, accompanied by their parents, do not pay.

Children aged 6 to 10 years, accompanied by the parents, pay 50% of the adult rate.

Children over 10 years old, accompanied by the parents, pay full adult rate.

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